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Douglas McCormick is a writer and editor with more than 25 years' experience in biotechnology, high technology, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, physician markets, and the Internet.

He has a strong instinct for audiences and markets, and has guided four publications to lead their categories. He has worked in print, online, and social media, in styles ranging from advocacy to straight news to features to research and policy papers.

He is currently focuses on editorial projects for high technology and marketing communications assignments in life science research. He has teamed with the award-winning video editor and graphic artist Alan McCormick to offer concept, writing, and post-production services to healthcare marketers.

He has been "head coach" of BiteSizeBio.com, a resource for early-career life-science researchers. Before going freelance, Doug was editor of PM360, the monthly and online community for pharmaceutical product management. Earlier, he served as editorial director of BioTechniques, a journal of life-science research methods.

From 2004 through early 2007, he was editor of Pharmaceutical Technology, the leading monthly for drug manufacturing. Earlier, he was founder and president of Physician Verification Services, an online authentication system serving healthcare marketers, and vice president and director of BioNetWork, a Seattle-based provider of business-to-business electronic commerce services. Prior to that, Douglas was corporate director of science public policy and scientific communications at SmithKline Beecham, where he represented molecular biology drug discovery and led teams constructing the corporate World Wide Web presence and writing the company's Internet business strategy. He also created and edited SB HealthCast, the company's online consumer publication.

Before moving to SmithKline Beecham, Douglas was vice president and editorial director of Nature Publishing Company, U.S. publishers of Nature, Nature Biotechnology (of which he was also editor in chief), and other leading biomedical journals. Earlier still, he was computer science editor at Hayden Book Company and a senior editor writing on mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer-aided design at Design Engineering magazine. He has been a newspaper reporter and theater critic.

Douglas received his bachelor's degree in English literature from Yale College in 1979, and did graduate work in theoretical physics at Stevens Institute of Technology.

He is experienced in database design and operation, Web site design and administration, productivity software, and network administration (in both Windows and Linux environments), data security, pharmaceutical regulation, print production and budgeting, and electronic page make-up, with some programming experience. His leisure interests include bicycling, blacksmithing, martial arts, canoeing, personal computing, and photography.